Foam set and foam generator. What to choose?

Two main types of devices can be used to create a cleaning foam with the desired properties:

· Foam set .

· Foam generator .

As it always happens, both devices have both advantages and disadvantages. Let's consider them in more detail.

Foam set

This device is used in conjunction with a high-pressure apparatus and uses a water stream supplied by the air pressure regulator to form foam .

The principle of operation of the device is quite simple. Detergent is poured into the container of the foam set, under the influence of water supplied through the injector under high pressure, the detergent is transferred to a foaming tablet, in which the detergent is additionally mixed with water and air (foams). At the output of the installation, a large amount of foam is obtained, which can be applied to the surface to be cleaned. The amount of foam is adjusted by restricting the amount of detergent supplied.

Advantages of the foam set:

· Low cost due to simplicity of design.

· High-quality, resistant foam.

· Ability to adjust the amount of foam supplied.

Disadvantages of the foam kit:

· The inability to control the width and power of the supplied jet of foam, which causes its loss during application.

· The water jet used for foaming can clog a foaming tablet.

This equipment has a slightly higher class in comparison with the foam set. A foam generator requires an air compressor to operate.

The principle of its work is quite simple. At the first stage, with the help of compressed air, the washing liquid is crushed to obtain the so-called primary foam. Primary foam is sent to a special tablet (porous material with a certain degree of granularity), when passing through it, the primary foam receives the required qualities of granularity and stability. Th equality of the foam is easily adjustable, as is its output.

Advantages of the foam generator:

· High-quality, resistant foam.

· Profitability.

· the possibility of a significant reduction in the yield of foam with consistent high quality.

The disadvantages of the foam generator:

· The need to use an air compressor.

· High price.

· The inability to add detergent without stopping the operation of the device.

For non-professional activities, you can use a simplified version of the foam generator - a sprayer. This device does not provide for the possibility of regulating the quality of the mixture; instead of a tablet, a nozzle with a large diameter outlet is installed in it. To get more ideas, check out: best foam canon

Based on the advantages and disadvantages, it can be concluded that a foam kit or sprayer is sufficient for personal use, and it is more advisable to purchase a foam generator for professional work in the field of surface cleaning.